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Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni programme cover.png

Mozart's Don Giovanni will be performed at the Assembly Rooms Theatre on 1st, 2nd and 5th March, 2022. 

Based on the story of Don Juan, Don Giovanni follows a young man who is irresistible and irresponsible in his quest for love. The libertine catches the hearts of many ladies, but for how long can he get away with his amoral wrongdoings? DOE’s production, set in 2017 Britain follows the stories of the women affected by Don Giovanni’s behaviour and presents the fate of toxic masculinity.


TW: suggestion of sexual assault, suggestion of domestic abuse, stabbing, gun violence, general violence, blood, alcohol/intoxication and swearing



Mixed Messages

Poster Mixed Messages.png

Durham Opera Ensemble presents Mixed Messages - a partially student-written show about love, temptations and promises. 


A young couple have their loyalties tested when their stag and hen parties end up on the same night and through some bad luck, at the same location. A night of drunkenness, complications and temptation ensues. Will they stay loyal or will the pressures of the night break them? With dialogue written by Edward Wenborn and music by Verdi, Gilbert & Sullivan, Bizet and Mozart, Mixed Messages gives the old classics a new twist in its contemporary setting.


Caedmon Hall, Durham

25-26 November, 2021


Tickets available now

Pirates of Penzance

Copy of PoP Poster Design.png

Durham Opera Ensemble is excited to announce that we will perform "Pirates of Penzance" by Gilbert and Sullivan in Durham's Assembly Rooms Theatre, on the 27th of June, 2021.

Full cast and Production team presentation will be published on our social media.

Tickets are available here: 

Durham Student Theatre Tickets

An Introduction to Opera


'The Champagne Song' from Die Fledermaus Act 2 Finale

Members of the DOE Exec


'Hm hm hm' Quintet from The Magic Flute Act 1 Scene I

Tamino - Matt Jackson

Papageno - Ed Wenborn

The Three Ladies - Lauren Bagge, Beth Yates, Freya Firth-Robson


'Pur ti miro' Duet from L'incoronazione di Poppaea Act 3 Finale

Poppaea - Lily McNeil

Nerone - Mathilde Brun


'The Peasants' Chorus' from Eugene Onegin Act 1 Scene I

Members of the DOE Chorus


'The Sailors' Chorus' from Dido and Aeneas Act 3 Scene I

Soprano - Becky Eckley-Smith, Rebecca Troy, Steph Ormond

Mezzo-Soprano - Olivia Jones, Emma Jones

Tenor - Matt Jackson, Jacob Bie

Bass - Alex Dingley, Gabriel Ferrante


Act 1 Finale from HMS Pinafore; or, The Lass That Loved a Sailor

Josephine - Emma Burke

Cousin Hebe - Isabella Reed

Ralph Rackstraw - To be confirmed

Boatswain - Ben Lycett

Dick Deadeye - Gabriel Ferrante

Members of the DOE Chorus


DOE Chorus

Soprano - Amy Davis, Emily Tarbuck, Becky Eckley-Smith, Beth Yates, Emma Jones, Emma Burke, Lily McNeill, Mathilde Brun, Rebecca Troy, Steph Ormond, Lauren Bagge

Mezzo-Soprano - Isabella Reed, Olivia Jones, Maisie Tipping, Freya Firth-Robson

Tenor - Matt Jackson, Jacob Bie

Bass - Ed Wenborn, Ben Lycett, Alex Dingley, Gabriel Ferrante

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