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Exec Role Descriptions


The role of president is an extremely varied one. You are in charge of DOE for a year, and you get to run the company how you see fit along with the help and advice from your exec. The crucial job is picking a variety of repertoire for the year, suggesting it to the exec, and choosing which operas would suit the group best. We put on a minimum of three shows each year, so having a bank of possible operas to choose from is really helpful.


In terms of the day-to-day running of the society, the president chairs exec meetings, AGMs and EGMs, and acts as a liaison between the exec, the prod teams, and DST. You will have at least one meeting with the DST exec and Theatre Coordinator each term, and it is really important that you keep them up to speed and aware of all that you’ve got planned, as they can help you facilitate your wildest operatic dreams!




The role of the DOE treasurer is in essence rather simple: to make sure we have a healthy bank balance, so that we can continue to put on our wonderful shows. The treasurer's job is to keep an eye on finances, to process transactions and expense claims, as well as to help with budgeting and profit/loss reporting for our shows and various other activities.


Publicity Officer

The role of publicity officer is a very active role. You are responsible for the overall posting/engaging on all social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). You will also make sure that the website is updated with news, shows and ticket links. You are in contact with the prod team of each show to help with publicity should they need it (within the university and the wider Durham area). It can at times be a lot of work, but it is very rewarding thanks to all the communication with the DOE audience. For this role it’s good if you are organized, communicate well and enjoy social media!


Alumni and Patrons Officer

This role involves reaching out to current and potential patrons and alumni of DOE. It’s an important role because the patrons help to provide money in order for us to continue to produce opera of such a high standard.

As well as reaching out to potential patrons you have the amazing opportunity to organise a champagne reception for the big opera performance in second term as well as an alumni concert.


Instrumental Secretary

The role of instrumental secretary involves organising and looking after the instrumental side of opera. From finding instrumental players, to ensuring that they know what's going on and are happy, the role involves close liaison with the musical directors and other exec members.


Social Secretary

As social secretary it is your job to organise social events, both for the exec and DOE as a whole. Each year the big event for the social secretary is organising the winter ball (the best part!)



The role of secretary is largely to take the minutes at each DOE meeting, as well as run the DOE email account and be there to help manage any correspondence required by the president or other members of the society. The minutes for each meeting must be circulated to the exec, and the email account must be checked regularly in order to be managed properly. The secretary is also responsible for sending general emails to all members of DOE if and when they are requited. It is a position that involves working with other members of the exec, but shouldn't be too much of a time commitment, and is easy to manage alongside general uni life.


Outreach Officer

Your role as Outreach Officer is to organise events that involve the local community with DOE. For instance, you may organise for the cast of a show to lead an opera/singing workshop in a local school, or organise for a group to perform a short concert in a Care Home. You can also get DOE involved in charity concerts occurring in Durham, for instance the ‘Never Give Up’ concert organised by Music Durham. More generally, as a member of the exec committee, you attend a few meetings every term, help choose DOE’s repertoire/shows, and are involved with key decisions for the society. This is a really flexible role as there are no set events to organise at certain times, so you are able to tailor it to your specific interests and fit it around your other commitments.


Technical Manager

As the technical manager for DOE the time commitment is fairly light. The role primarily is concerned with offering technical insight to production teams whilst they are interviewing for a Tech Director, hiring tech for shows if finding a TD is proving challenging, and offering insights to pre-production of shows (i.e. whether an opera can realistically take place in a venue that has been selected). The rest of the role is just offering support to the rest of the exec for whole exec tasks and being an extra set of eyes in prod week.


Tour Manager

The role consist of contacting venues and organisations where we have performed before, namely in Harrogate as part of the Gilbert and Sullivan International Opera Festival. In a more normal year, you can expect this role to involve discussing with the rest of the Exec to decide a location for a tour, seeking out and contacting potential venues, booking accommodation and making travel arrangements as well as sorting all health and safety aspects and procedures as we are representatives of the University. Other more general aspects of being on the Exec are attending meetings and any additional duties that may need completing, and of course delighting in the DOE company!


Sponsorship Secretary

As sponsorship secretary you are in charge of helping DOE look for potential sponsors, as well as managing relationships with current sponsors.

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