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Exec Role Descriptions



This role entails overseeing every aspect of Durham opera ensemble's activities, From choosing repertoire to recruiting productions and creative team members it is a role that involves a lot of admin and strong delegation skills. The president's role is also a creative one. Bringing their vision for DOE to life, the president is responsible for shaping DOE and helping it reach its full potential. For more information on what this role entails, email our current president.

Vice President

This role takes the place of our secretary role, so naturally sending weekly emails and taking minutes for meetings are one of the main responsibilities of this role. The vice president is also responsible for supporting the president and admin and general organisational tasks.  By helping to run meetings during busy times of the year or ensuring the executive committee are completing necessary tasks, the vice president is a role that needs a hand on approach and some great communication skills.


This role covers all things financial in the opera ensemble. Their responsibilities include creating budgets and approving payments; the treasurer is someone who needs good communication skills and some familiarity with spreadsheets and numbers. Another necessary quality is good decision making skills- deciding the best place to funnel society money is an important aspect of the role. We are still in need of a treasure for the coming academic year, so if you are interested please email our president at

Publicity Officer

This is a role that involves great media skills. Responsible for presentation of the society in  online platforms, posters and programs, this is a role that involves promoting the society. The publicity officer is someone who is passionate about spreading the operatic genre and growing the society's platform both into student and local demographics.

Alumni and Patrons Officer

This role entails contacting and keeping in touch with an extensive list of alumni and patrons. This may involve giving a helping hand in arranging alumni-specific events but may also include promoting productions to our list of alumni and patrons. This is someone who has great communication skills, who has a passion for meeting and getting to know new people.

Welfare Officer

This role is a point of contact for members of the society to raise any concerns or ask any questions. The welfare officer is also responsible for ensuring singers have support with regards to vocal health. IF singers were to raise any concerns the welfare officer would be point of contact. Taking over the role of social secretary, the welfare officer is responsible for organising a variety of inclusive socials!


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